Sunday, June 30, 2013

30 Day Snap No. 30 || The End

Today is the end of the 30 Day Snap. Although it was a bit stressful at times, I really am going to miss this challenge. Maybe I'll attempt it again some other month in the future, but for now I'm just going to enjoy not having to go through the process of it all in July. Today is also the end of GFC. Eeeek! Who knows what the future will bring. 

Waiting For The End - Linkin Park

Keep Smiling, 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

30 Day Snap No. 29 || Vacation Selfie

I just realized that tomorrow is the last day of the 30 Day Snap! It's been fun thinking of new things to photograph every day. It's been even more of a challenge since my life is oh so non-exciting. I'm on vacation at the moment, and hopefully I'll have some nice pictures to post from that. I want you guys to see what it's like here. 

I will always love this song from The Lizzie McGuire Movie. I don't care if it's childish haha. 

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Friday, June 28, 2013

30 Day Snap No. 28 || Flamingo in the Garden

It may seem a little tacky to have a plastic flamingo in your garden, but ours appears every year. My sister loves flamingos and received them as a gift one year. My dad has stuck them in the yard every spring since. Just another reason for our neighbors to think we're crazy...

This picture would look a lot better if the rabbits hadn't eaten all the tulips off their stems. 

Anyone remember this song from back in the day? It's been stuck in my head all day. 

Jumpin, Jumpin - Destiny's Child

Oh, I nearly forgot, It's my blog's birthday today! It seems so weird that it was already a year ago when my sleep-deprived self set this little thing up! 

Keep Smiling, 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Put some Sparkle In Your Life ~ DIY Sequin Shirt

The 4th of July (also known as Independence Day) is one of my favorite holidays. I consider myself to be pretty patriotic, and the holiday is connected to so many good memories. Like most holidays, I like to go all out with the decorations, food, outfits, and accessories. This is why I took it upon myself to create my own patriotic shirt to wear when the day rolls around. Even if you don't celebrate the American Independence Day, it's still wearable for any other day of the year I think. I'm sure I'll wear mine again. You don't even have to do it exactly the way I did. This is something you can get really creative with. You can switch up the colors and patterns. I think this would look great with polka dots instead of stars! 

I first saw something similar at Victoria's Secret, only I wasn't a big fan of the style it came in. I preferred something a little bit longer with sleeves. I went out and bought a navy blue shirt, some sequins, and fabric glue. I couldn't find any bags of strictly silver sequins, but I think the mixture of gold and silver turned out alright. 

I printed off a star shape and cut it out so I could trace it with chalk onto the shirt. I used chalk because I had a dark colored shirt, but I'm sure pencil would work fine on a lighter fabric. I couldn't find any white fabric chalk in my mom's sewing room, so I used regular chalk, which she said would work just as well. After I traced all the stars where I wanted them, I started gluing on the sequins one by one. I won't lie, it took most of the day (my neck got a little sore), but I'm the type of person who can't stop a project until it's finished. And I wanted the glue to all dry at the same time so I wouldn't have to leave it out on the dining room table for days and days. I used glue that is supposed to hold even after washing, but I haven't washed mine since I put the sequins on. I would recommend washing it inside out just in case. If there is still chalk showing after you've finished, don't worry because that will wash right out. 

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out, and can't wait to show off my american pride on the 4th of July! 

P.S. I forgot to mention that I put plastic bags inside the shirt so the glue wouldn't soak through onto the back of the shirt! 

Keep Smiling, 

30 Day Snap No. 27 || Makeup Galore

A Snapshot of most of the products I'll be hauling up North with me tomorrow. I left a few things out like shampoo/conditioner and some lotions. Also, I have a "What's in my beach bag" post planned that includes some sun necessities. I know it's quite a lot for one week, and I probably won't even wear most of the makeup since it's just not practical for swimming and being in the sun. It's mostly just family and a few close friends who will see me anyway. 

Love Like Woe - The Ready Set 

Keep Smiling, 

Goodbye Google Reader

Screen shot of the announcement on my Bloglovin' page

So as you've probably heard, Google reader is closing down on Monday. The solution? bloglovin'. I have a brief post about this from earlier this month, but I just want to be sure nobody loses their blog readers or the blogs they read themselves. I put off the entire Bloglovin' thing for as long as possible because I felt the task was too daunting, and I never felt up to it. However, I was completely wrong because the entire process is literally soo simple. Don't let that stop you! Plus, time is running out to get everything settled. For some reason I was under the impression that I would have to individually follow every single blog I read via bloglovin'. That is not the case. It's super easy! I installed a button on the sidebar of my blog that will let you follow my blog on bloglovin' and lead you to the site. If you enjoy my blog, please click it if you want to continue reading it in the future. 

Keep Smiling, 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

30 Day Snap No. 26 || Packing

Packing for the week long vacation I'm going on. I'll be leaving on friday for a week at our timeshare. We have the same week there every other year, and it is always so much fun! I hope the weather cooperates this year. It really is a shame that the pool is closed for renovations though. 

Wanna know a secret? I sometimes listen to spanish music...

If you're a Pretty Little Liars fan, you may recognize this familiar face ;)

Keep Smiling, 

A Classy Evening Outing

I mentioned in my last post that I spent the day yesterday at a bridal shower for my sister. My aunt hosted it at the University Club in St. Paul where she is a member. I've been to the club several times before, but have never gotten a chance to photograph it. The lighting is rubbish in these photos, but it still shows the quaintness of the place. I think the reason I love it so much is partly based on the location (I could look at all of the swanky houses on Summit Ave. all day, and I love the city), but it also reminds me a lot of England (which I miss terribly). I've heard it used to be a favorite hangout for F. Scott Fitzgerald, and that's pretty cool too. I got to spend the evening with some of my most favorite people while we sat on the terrace eating yummy food, and sipping delicious drinks. This is where the similarities to England end. Since I am still underage, I didn't get my own glass of champagne haha. We had a lovely time, and I can't wait until I get to go back! 

I'm a little disappointed I didn't get a picture of the decks and pool.

Keep Smiling, 

30 Day Snap No. 25 || Skyline

This post is double cheating because since it's 1:21 a.m. it's technically not the 25th anymore, and I also posted two pictures. I just couldn't decide which was better. I'm aware that they are both bad quality, but they were taken from a moving car. I had a great day in the cities today at a personal shower we hosted for my sister. I'd never heard of a personal shower until my oldest sister was engaged. Apparently it's just an excuse to give the bride-to-be lingerie haha. I don't think it's very common anymore, but it must have been the big thing when my mom and her sisters got married. My oldest sister was the first granddaughter to get married on my mom's side of the family, and we've made it a tradition for every girl who has been married since. 

Since this post is all about marriage and wedded bliss, I thought I should include the quintessential happy romantic comedy song. It pretty much captures the mood of my family and sums up the day we had. 

This Will Be - Natalie Cole

Keep Smiling, 

Monday, June 24, 2013

30 Day Snap No. 24 || Old Faithful

I've titled this post 'Old Faithful' because this nail polish has been just that. I've had it for absolute ages. It's really really old, but is still going strong. It hasn't gotten gloopy or dried up at all and dries the exact same shade as it is when it is wet. It's an Avon nail artist paint, but it doesn't say the color, and I'm sure they don't even make it anymore. It is still one of my favorites nonetheless. I'm regretting the polka dots on the accent nail though...

Bad - The Cab

This song is another old faithful. Even though it's technically not that old, I never get sick of listening to it. It also happened to come on while I was typing this post. 

Keep Smiling, 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

30 Day Snap No. 23 || Cinnamon Cookies

Sitting in the car eating cinnamon schoolbook cookies waiting for my dad to get out of Cabela's. 

Somehow - Joss Stone

Keep Smiling, 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

30 Day Snap No. 22 || Wearing...

These are all of the products I wore out to my cousin's child's first birthday party today. This is pretty much a variation of my go-to makeup routine. The only thing that varies is basically the color of the eyeshadows and lipsticks. 

Touches You - Mika

Keep Smiling, 

30 Day Snap No. 21 || A Visitor

One of the rabbits that are always hanging around our yard, and much to my dad's dismay, eating all the tulips. This could very possibly be the one we saved from the window well last summer when it fell in.
P.S. Sorry this is a day late. The past few days have been so hectic! I've been cleaning, babysitting, and we've had company over, so I didn't want to be rude by being on the computer while they were here. Especially since I hardly ever get to see them. 

How Far We've Come - Matchbox 20 

Keep Smiling, 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

30 Day Snap No. 20 || Candlelight

I have now taken to lighting this candle when nobody else is home, due to the fact that it is really strong and slightly overpowering. 

Wanted - Jessies James

I remember when this song was a big hit on the radio. Now they never play it. 

Keep Smiling, 

30 Day Snap No. 19 || Stuck Like Glue

Not the best quality photo, but my hands were covered in glue and glitter, and I was trying not to get it on my camera. I started working on my little fourth of July project, and I rather like it! 

Stuck Like Glue - Sugarland

I thought this song was appropriate for this post. 

Keep Smiling, 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

30 Day Snap No. 18 || Something A Little More Old Fashioned

I watched the movie Sabrina starring Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart for the first time, and realized that I actually really do like old movies. The lack of color never really seems to bother me, and there's something so classic and timeless about them. Of course they appeal to me, being the hopeless romantic that I am. They make falling in love seem so simple. I wish I could step back in time and attend an extravagant party at a beautiful estate, fall in love, and live happily ever after. 

I thought this post called for something a little more classic and romantic. This song will always remind me of The Parent Trap movie, and I'll always love it. 

L-O-V-E - Nat King Cole

Keep Smiling, 

Monday, June 17, 2013


I'm trying to get up to date on the whole Bloglovin' thing. I'm not really sure what I'm doing so please bear with me. The reason I'm posting this is because apparently I'm supposed to post this code they gave me when I signed up. I hope it works! On a positive note, you can now follow my blog with Bloglovin'. There's even a handy dandy button on the side of my blog. 

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Keep Smiling, 

30 Day Snap No. 17 || Coral Reef

I've had Sally Hansen's Coral Reef on my nails for a couple of days, and I must say that I really like it. Coral has become one of my new favorite colors this summer. 

I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - Scissor Sisters

Keep Smiling,
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