Friday, August 31, 2012

The Ten Day You Challenge || Nine Loves

I'm back for the "Ten Day You Challenge", and today it is nine loves. This one was hard to come up with because obviously I love more than nine things. I tried not to say the obvious ones like music and my family and stuff like that. 

1. Science
Ever since I was in elementary school I have always loved science. I loved knowing how and why things work the way they do. Science covers such a wide range of topics, so it's easy to find something that's interesting. It's safe to say that my favorite field trip was when we went to the science museum. I like science so much that I am planning on spending the rest of my life immersed in it as a forensic scientist. 

2. McFly
Ever since I was introduced to McFly by one of my friends when I was in middle school, I was hooked, and I have stuck with them ever since. Out of all of their songs (and they have a lot) there aren't many that I don't like. I like everything about them, their music, their personalities, and of course, they're not bad looking either. I also admire that they have been together for so long and are still going strong. They are so crazy talented, it amazes me. Danny has in my opinion, he best male voice ever. It seriously gives me chills sometimes, and Tom can probably play every instrument imaginable. I find myself on YouTube for hours (a bit sad I know) watching live performances, acoustic performances, and videos of them just being their goofy selves. I kind of like that they're not all that popular here in the states. It makes me feel like a truer fan ;). I've talked about several of their songs on my blog before, but if you are looking for some good new music, here is one of my favorites. (I say one because I seriously have so many) Anyways, I think you get the gist of how much I love them by how much I've written. 

3. Getting letters or packages in the mail
Probably one of the reason's I love this so much is because it is so rare. And It's always nice to know someone is thinking of you. When I was at college and I'd get that little slip in my mailbox saying I had a package, I would literally jump for joy. 

4. YouTube
This just makes me sound a little pathetic, but it's true. I love YouTube. Like I said before, I could spend hours on there. It's got everything, music, comedy, beauty, tutorials. Everything. I have come across some really great and talented people because of it. 

5. The Christmas Season
I mentioned in my happiness post my love for Christmas, but I seriously love it so much that I had to mention it again. Everyone is so cheerful and jolly this time of year it's impossible to not be happy. I have so many wonderful Christmas memories because it is filled with everything I love. Christmas carols, food, family, laughter, decorations, and christmas shopping. Most people hate Christmas shopping, but I love when all the stores are decorated and all the christmas-themed merchandise is out.

6. People Watching
I don't mean this in a creepy way, but I find people fascinating. It's just so interesting to see what they're wearing, their mannerisms, and how they interact with other people. I suppose I'm just a nosy person. The best place for people watching is probably the airport, which is one of my favorite places. There are so many different kinds of people there going different places and doing different things. Maybe I'm just easily entertained. 

7. Downton Abbey
It's an amazing show, it's a period drama, there are several love stories, it talked about the Titanic, and it's British. It can't get much better than that! 

8. Nail Polish
I love this stuff! Whenever I'm in the beauty section of a store, this is what I'm drawn to. There are so many colors to choose from. I think I have an obsession with paining my nails. Wouldn't it be nice if you could choose how long the color stayed on though? 

9. Stargazing
You may have guessed by the name of my blog, but I love stargazing. When I look at the sky on a clear night I just can't help but be completely blown away. It is so, so beautiful. It's almost mesmerizing, you can't look away. Also the fact of knowing how far away everything is makes it so much more enthralling. I think I just have a fascination with outer space.

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I love receiving parcels in the mail, no matter what it may be! It's just so fun! And I agree, so much, with the jolly-ness of everything and everyone in the Christmas season. It's so lovely :)


Yes! Even thinking about it now is making me excited for Christmas already. Thanks for reading :)


I think we may be twins looking at some of your loves. Packages and letters is my favourite thing, even when it's junk mail, I love that I got something. Christmas is my absolute favourite and I've started my shopping already :) x


Yay for being twins! :) I totally agree, even if it's junk mail, It's still a little exciting.

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