Thursday, August 30, 2012

Unique Style From The UK

These women have got some serious style! Now it's definitely not anything I would ever wear, but they totally pull it off. They also give me a case of serious hair envy! 

Ever since I first saw Cher Lloyd at her X Factor audition I knew she had something. This girl absolutely oozes swag out of every pore! No wonder the judges were so impressed. She's come so far since then, and I really admire that she has her own style and wears what she wants. I saw an interview with her and she said she basically chucks on her makeup and throws her hair up most days. She still manages to look gorgeous every time. 

Another beautiful lady from the UK is Cheryl Cole. And just look at that hair, seriously! I really like the whole uniform theme she has going on in her Fight For This Love music video.

Newest onto the scene is Little Mix. They've got voices as big as their style. It's so unique and it totally works for them. They rock it! Also, they seem like really genuinely nice people that have bright personalities as well. You can check out their voices and unique style in the music video for their song Wings.

All Photos courtesy of Google

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