Monday, August 20, 2012

Music On Repeat

There are two artists I find myself listening to more, and more. They have sort of become my go to music when I'm too lazy to actually go through my playlists and choose a song. In the past couple of months or so I have come across some great music from both Jessie J and Demi Lovato. I had never really cared for Demi, in fact, I sort of disliked her, and the only music I had heard from Jessie was what was played on the radio. Then, one day, I came to know the wonders of Pandora Radio. It introduced me to more of their songs, which I am now very thankful for. I have stumbled upon some seriously good music because of that little wonder! 

When the song "Price Tag" by Jessie J first came out I liked it, but it didn't strike me as anything particularly special. On the other hand, When I first heard her song "Domino", I noticed that she has some serious pipes! I've always been drawn towards singers with powerful voices that can belt it out on a whim. Probably because I cannot sing very well at all, even though I wish I could. Her album "Who You Are" has some really great songs on it. Of course, like most albums, there are also some songs on there that don't impress me that much. I have to say though that even those songs seem to be growing on me as I listen to them more often. My favorites from the album have to be "Who You Are" (Even though the vibrato does seem a bit overdone at times), "Who's Laughing now" (Love the music video for this one), "Mama Knows Best", "Stand Up", and "Domino". I also really like the two collaborations she's done with David Guetta. I am definitely waiting to see what she'll come up with next. 

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Demi Lovato's latest album "Unbroken" is full of pleasant surprises. I think I still thought of her as an innocent Disney star so when I heard some of the content, I was blown away. I think the thing I love the most is the absolutely brilliant harmonies and the passion in the songs such as "Fix A Heart", "Skyscraper", and "Lightweight". This album also has a variety of other music styles including pop, r&b, and even a little bit of hip hop thrown in here and there. I also really enjoy the songs "Together", "Who's That Boy", "Unbroken", and "You're My Only Shorty".  I know she went through a rough patch, and I think it really influenced her music. I'm really interested to see how she does as the new judge of The X Factor. 

Does anyone else have a go to artist that they find themselves listening to a lot?



love this post, love both albumns especially the demi lovato albumn her music is so touching and inspirational its just amazing :) nice blog


Thank you so much! :D I listen to her music so often now it's crazy, and I definitely agree with you about her music being inspirational.

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