Monday, August 20, 2012

Most Worn: Shoes!

 When it comes to my shoe style, I would have to say that I'm more of a sneakers person. Don't get me wrong, I own my fair share of heels and flats, but I find myself drawn to cute, fashionable sneakers for the most part. I think their comfort and versatility play into my decision somewhat. That is why when I first saw the Coach Barrett sneakers, I was in love. These shoes are right up my alley! I now own two pairs, and I wear them all the time. Since they are more of a fashion sneaker, they pretty much go with anything. I love the fact that they don't make my feet look extremely long and narrow like converse do. Another bonus is that they come in so many patterns and colors. There is bound to be something out there for everyone. Also, they are covered in C's, which is what my name starts with, so I can't complain with that.

One thing I did notice about these shoes at first, was that they were very uncomfortable. The brown pair especially. I'll be honest, they caused a few blisters and even some bleeding at the back of my ankle. Bare in mind that I was walking in them A LOT. When I first started wearing them, I was walking to and from my classes several times a day that happened to be a healthy jaunt from where I was living. However, I broke them in fairly quickly and they haven't caused me any problems since.

The colorful pair were the first ones that I ever saw, and I knew I wanted them. I was in the market for some cute yet casual sneakers, and these were just what I was looking for. Them being a designer product however, discouraged me somewhat. I usually do not spend so much on a pair of shoes. Anyway long story short, this was around Christmastime, and my mom knew that I wanted them. I think this particular style was being discontinued so she found them on sale and had them shipped from a Macy's in California. They didn't arrive until January, in fact it was the day I was taking my driver's test, so that was the first time I wore them. I passed my test, so I now consider them to be my lucky shoes ;). That was two and a half years ago, and I still get so much use out of them. There are so many colors on them so they match pretty much all of my clothes. You can see from the pictures that they are very well worn, and I still expect to be wearing them in the coming years. 

There are several places you can get these shoes. Of course you can look on the Coach website, but I recommend checking Amazon or even a T.J. Maxx or Marshall's store because I have seen them at all of these places. I happened to get both of my pairs from Macy's.

P.S. T.J. Maxx is a GREAT place to find shoes of all types and brands for great prices. It can be kind of hit and miss, but that's half of the fun! Every store is different. If you aren't looking for shoes, they also carry clothes, purses, accessories, fragrances, jewelry, body and hair products, and home goods items at discounted prices. So basically everything haha. I have come across so many absolute steals while shopping there. My mother once spent six hours shopping there one day... I must be learning from her because that is where most of my stuff comes from. 


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