Monday, September 3, 2012

A Day At The Fair

On Saturday the family and I spent the entire day at the state fair. Because it is Labor Day weekend, there were so many people there. Despite this fact, we still had a great time even though we were all dirty and sore from being on our feet all day. Plus, we probably ate our weight in fair food. At our fair, pretty much everything comes fried, or on a stick, but usually it's both. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Bacon, beer, fruit, cheese, candy bars, pie, gummy bears, and s'mores just to name a few. 

There is so much to to do at the fair besides eat (though that does seem to be the most popular choice). We strolled around enjoying the beautiful, though very hot, day. I even managed somehow to not get sunburned at all! Whoop Whoop! We also stopped to see some of the animals, and took advantage of all the free stuff they were giving away. 

Some of the highlights of the day included:
  • Hearing Journey doing their soundcheck for their show later that evening
  • Browsing around the International Bizarre. (It's like a big market with stalls from different places around the world) 
  • Finally getting to try Macaroni and cheese on a stick! Although it wasn't actually that great.
  • Seeing Wilson Phillips sing "Hold On", which is probably best known to people now from being in the movie Bridesmaids.
  • Eating all the fair food of course
  • Seeing all of the interesting people (some of whom we actually knew)
How awesome are these nesting dolls?! Pocahontas is one of my
favorite Disney movies, so I got super excited when I saw them at the
International Bizarre.

Chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick! 

Deep fried cheeseburgers and mac and cheese on a stick

Keep Smiling,



oh my gosh, you are SO LUCKY! i wish i could have made it to the fair this year -- i was really looking forward to cookies and cheese curds and seeing the MPR radio hosts on the corner of judson ave :(
i take it you're back in nodak now??



It was so much fun, but it was packed! I finally got to try the cookies! I can't believe I've never had them before.
I won't be back at school until the spring because I am studying abroad this semester. It's so weird knowing that everyone is back up there going to classes and I'm still here!


Oh my goodness I need to go to this fair! Why do the UK not do state fairs and fry and put everything on a stick!? That all sounds completely amazing. How does the beer one work though?x


I have no idea how the beer worked. I was trying to figure that out myself. I saw the stand for it and tried to get a closer look, but it was too crowded. Must have been a popular choice :)

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