Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Ten Day You Challenge || Seven Wants

Today's subject for "The ten day you challenge" is seven wants. 

1. To learn how to sail
I love anything nautical or sailorish, and I have always wanted to learn how to sail. It just seems so adventurous! I'm not very talented at sports, so I think sailing is something I could learn how to do, and maybe excel at.

2. Limited edition Coach 2012 summer perfume
I devoted a whole post to this, and how much I love it that you can read HERE. I've tried to forget about it and move on, but I haven't had any luck with that yet ;)

3. To have a good singing voice
How awesome would that be to just belt out a tune? I don't have a horrible voice, but I will say that I wasn't blessed with much talent in the singing department. I really enjoy singing, (when no one is listening of course), and it would be awesome to do it well. 

4. To see McFly live
I know, I know, I droned on and on about McFly in my nine loves post, so I won't say much on this one. McFly is probably my all time favorite band, and if I could go to any concert, it would be theirs. They put on an amazing show. Of course it's just my luck that the exact day they are finally coming to America, I am finally going to England. Ohhh the irony. 

5. Voluminous hair
I suppose this is a rather vain want, but oh well. I have pretty thick hair, but it is really fine. It's long and heavy, thus making the top extremely flat. I have tried mousse and everything else, but nothing seems to work. Typical, because my hair doesn't do a darn thing except be it's half straight, half crinkled self. 

6. A OnePiece
I also did a post a while back on these that you can read HERE. These just look so cozy and comfy to lounge around in. You can never have enough loungewear am I right? 

7. To ride in a hot air balloon. 
This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I love flying, so why not do it in a hot air balloon? It seems like so much fun, and the view would be amazing! 

Keep Smiling,



I didn't think McFly still toured! I saw them once about 8 years ago or so before they were even really popular. I can't believe you want a onsie! You can get them absolutely everywhere over here and they're so cheap :) x


AHHH you are so lucky that you got to see them! :)

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