Thursday, December 13, 2012

England, The Things I'm Going to Miss

Today has just been one of those days where I just feel gross, and I'll be honest, a little bit depressed. I'm usually a fairly happy positive person, but we all have those days where we just want to wallow in self pity. Am I right?? I think it's finally hit me that I will be going home in a week. During the past few months I have gone from dreading the day I leave, to anticipating it and being home for the holidays, to dreading it once again. I'm definitely one of those people that dread goodbyes. I know nobody likes them, but I just can't really handle them. I hate it when things end. I've already written this post on my thoughts and feelings about this entire experience, but I've compiled a list of the things I really am going to be sad to leave behind.

  • The people. I cannot express how much I'm going to miss my flatmates. They've become real friends to me that have put up with my "Americanness"and helped me through things like cleaning my first toilet, navigating the London underground, and serving me my first legal drink. They've picked up on my little habits quicker than most of my other friends have, such as how I am always waving my hands around while singing and talking, and how I say "just kidding" after everything.
  • Having Thursdays and Fridays off. Because who doesn't love four day weekends?
  • Living so close to everything.
  • The impromptu singing sessions. There are three of us that really get into this. One person will spontaneously start singing, and sure enough the other two will join in without really even thinking about it. Usually there is dancing involved as well. We really are a crazy bunch ;) 
  • Being able to go places without sitting in the car and actually having to drive.
  • Having a laugh over the impersonations we do of each other. Never gets old.
  • Laying in the hallway with all of our blankets and pillows because we're too tired to actually get up and go to sleep. 
  • Building robots out of sheer boredom
  • Playing tennis and bowling in the corridor
  • Late night scrabble in the Kitchen
  • Only having my lectures for each class once a week.
  • The English accents.
  • Getting my exercise in by walking everywhere.
  • Having so many beautiful things to photograph
  • The crazy times we have with the flat below us
  • Europe in general.
  • Being the American one. It sounds weird, and maybe a tad bit conceited, but I have enjoyed having something different about me, and I have loved answering questions about my life back at home. 
  • Learning something new about a different culture everyday.

Keep Smiling, 



They're all such lovely things to miss. I'm sure your friends can come over and visit you and you can come back over and visit them. I hate those days where you go back and forth between being happy to go home, and depressed about leaving, I get that during every trip to America!x


I also just saw you have a button so I'm going to add you to my page too :) I didn't notice you had your own button before!


Oh thank you! :) Is there a way I can get your button on my page?

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