Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Is Coming || My Christmas Plans

Ahhh tomorrow is my favorite day of the year! I'm so excited! I absolutely love Christmas Eve because it's all the festiveness, but with the anticipation of Christmas day still. For the past several years we started a tradition with my mom's sister's family. My aunt and uncle (who are also my Godparents), and their two sons (who are basically like my brothers) either come over to our house or we go to theirs. We switch off every year, and this year it's their turn to come here. I'm extra excited this year because I haven't seen them all in so long. So much has happened. I went abroad, and my cousin had his first semester at University. We have a lot of catching up to do. 

I love getting all dressed up for the day. We go to church as a family, and the church is always packed! I love it this time of year because it is always decorated with flowers and wreaths, and I love singing the Christmas carols. After that, we all eat until we can't eat anymore. We spend the rest of the evening listening to Christmas music, exchanging gifts, watching festive movies, playing games, and just generally enjoying each other's company. If we're lucky there will be a light sprinkling of snow. 
Christmas morning we open our gifts, and see what's in our stockings. My mom usually makes her homemade caramel rolls, but honestly I'm usually too stuffed from the night before to eat much. We head over to my Grandma's house in the afternoon, and spend the rest of the day catching up with all of my relatives, and eating even more. We always have Christmas with my Mom's side of the family after Christmas day. This involves even more eating (yikes!), card playing , cigar smoking for the men, lots of talking and laughing, oh and did I mention food? I just love Christmas! 

Even Roxanne is feeling festive

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas, and is enjoying the Holidays :) 

Keep Smiling, 



Awk, that all sounds so lovely! I clearly was American in a past life. British people don't seem to celebrate Christmas the same way as you all do, your way is so much better! I just want Christmas, and lots of it! I'm so excited to finish work tomorrow and be off for a few days and watch a nice movie :) x


Woohoo! Enjoy your time off from work :)

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