Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Favorite Season

Hello! I was feeling very autumnal today, so I put together a little post on my favorite season. It wasn't until this year that I really started to realize just how much I actually love the fall season. I love the cool, crisp temperatures, and of course the fashion that goes along with it. One of the things I hate most is being hot and sweaty, so naturally the cooler weather is definitely a plus! Fall fashion trends always tend to be my favorites out of the year. I just can't get enough of scarves, boots, sweaters, mittens, jackets, and dark nail colors. 

Another thing I love about Autumn are the holidays. Halloween and Thanksgiving are two of my favorite holidays. (After Christmas of course!) My family goes crazy for Halloween. Literally. They go all out and usually have a great big party complete with tons of creepy goodness. Over the years I had some of the best Halloween costumes that my mom made for me. I can honestly say that I went trick-or-treating until I was 16. Thanksgiving day is filled with two of my favorite things: food and family. I love a good thanksgiving feast! Then we just lay around moaning about how we shouldn't have eaten so much, but never really even stop eating. It's a big joke in my family that we're always eating when we get together, but it's so difficult not to when everyone is so good at cooking! When we're not eating we're playing cards, relaxing, perhaps watching a christmas movie since a lot of them start out on Thanksgiving, or being our usual crazy selves. It's not going to be the same this year without them. The day after thanksgiving is Black Friday, and while I don't always go out in the crazy shopping frenzy, for me it is the official start of the Christmas season. I can finally allow myself to start listening to Christmas music on this day. 

The last things I love about Fall are all the traditional Autumn-y things. I really missed out this year on caramel apples, corn mazes, apple crisp, hayrides, apple orchards, pumpkin carving and hot apple cider. Thankfully there was some beautiful weather and leaf-changing going on over here that made up for it. I hope everyone is enjoying their Autumn as much as I am!

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