Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chocolate Coma

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At the moment I'm currently snuggled up in my bed typing this while listening to Christmas music. I just finished watching The Holiday and I'm pretty sure I just ate myself into a food coma. Earlier this evening I made a much needed chocolate run to the local off license (I wouldn't be feeling so guilty about myself right now if I did actually in fact run...). I say much needed, but in reality I'll probably regret it in the morning. I felt a little silly at the off license on a saturday night in my sweatpants blowing all my cash on candy while everyone else was dressed to he nines and purchasing alcohol. But I thoroughly enjoyed my evening swooning over Jude Law. I've been harboring a secret crush on him for some time now and his character in the movie is the sweetest. I've literally been waiting for it to get closer to christmas ever since the summer so I could watch this movie. I can't believe I just discovered it last Christmas! And since I'm currently living in Surrey, it was perfect! Chocolate, Christmas, and Jude Law make the perfect combination if I do say so myself! Since Thanksgiving has now passed I'm in full on Christmas mode. 

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