Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crazy for Bows!

Heeellllooo! I'm on spring break right now and man does it feel good! Well of course this being me I'm talking about, I'm not completely worry-free, but at least I don't have classes to go to this week! I've been in a particularly crafty mood since I've been home and have been wanting to try THIS tutorial for ages. I'm rather obsessed with bows. If something as a bow in it, I'm sold! Polka dots and bows are my weaknesses. Ooo just imagine a polka-dotted bow! The hot glue gun is definitely my crafting weapon of choice, so I had a lot o fun making these. This project is very inexpensive, but was completely free for me because I had all of the supplies laying around my house. So if you are going to try this I'd suggest checking if you already have some of the supplies. I don't really need many of these bows because really, how often can you wear them without getting too excessive? Honestly though I just have the urge to go on a crazy bow-making spree! I'm thinking of possibly gifting them to people, but I'm not sure if they'll actually wear them. I did however already make one for my sister. The only way I've worn these bows so far is with my hair half-up with the bow clipped at the back of my head. I'm not sure if I'll be more adventurous and try any other ways yet, we'll see. I'll see if I can get a picture up showing how I wear them (in my newly chopped off hair...7 inches eeek!) even though I'm sure most know what I'm talking about since this trend has been going around for a while now. Oh, and one last thing. I would recommend using fabric that is of a sturdier variety because I tried it with some floppy fabric and it did not work! :) 

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