Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions!

Happy New Year! 2012 was a great year. It was the year that I finished my first year of college, finally made it to England after SO many years of dreaming, started my blog, the world didn't end ;), and I met some incredible people. So many memories that I hope to never forget. I usually never really make serious resolutions, and this year will probably turn out to be like most of the rest, but there are still those certain things that I want to work on and accomplish. I hope that at the end of this year I can look back on this post, and feel satisfied that I accomplish most, if not all of these tasks.

  • Continue working on being more outgoing, friendly, and personable - Traveling abroad by myself has helped me a lot in this area. I have mentioned before that I am extremely shy around people I don't really know, and it's to the point where I think I may sometimes come off as quite standoffish. 
  • Not settling for just an ok grade on my school work - I am a fairly devoted student, but I know that I don't always give my best, and I know I can do a lot better on certain things. 
  • Get a Job -  Especially during the summer. I've worked before, but I need to find something else. I'm not sure if I'll have time for one during the school year, but during the summer it will be necessary.  
  • Focus on making it a really great year, and not dwell on the past - Don't think about what could have been
  • Don't stress over the little things - I am definitely a worrier! Sometimes I actually feel sick with worry (if that's even possible) and it's all I can think about. It can't be healthy.
  • Eat More Vegetables - I actually like most vegetables, but for some reason don't eat as much as I should. I doubt I'm the only one with this problem. 
  • Drink more water - There's nothing bad about drinking more water, so why not do it?
  • Remember to take my vitamins every day - I was really good over the summer, but I've been slacking this past semester.
  • Keep in touch with people better, and make an effort - I really don't want to lose touch with all of my friends back in England, or my friends from home that I don't see a lot when I'm at school. 
  • Take time to appreciate things more often - It's so easy to get caught up in everything, and lose track of the things that make you smile. 
  • Smile More - Not that I don't smile, because I definitely do. Someone once told me that smiling releases endorphins or something of the sort that naturally makes you a happier person.

Keep Smiling,


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Some great resolutions that I definitely could do with doing as well. I always forget to take my vitamins, and I need to drink so much more water. Getting confidence is so hard, if you get a job then it will really help. I'm really shy as well (I think I just like to watch people first before I decide), but when I moved departments in work it's really built up my confidence and I've found it helped me a lot.


I think we could all do with taking more time to appreciate things. Good luck with your resolutions, hope yo have a great 2013! xo

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