Friday, January 25, 2013

The Bag That's Seen Everything...

Good evening! Tomorrow I am going shopping with my friend, and while I was making sure I had everything in my purse, I remembered that I had wanted to do a "What's in my bag" post a while back. Now, there is nothing extraordinary or of high interest in my bag since I usually try to get by with carrying around as little as possible. This however is more than I usually lug around. 

I got this purse from T.J. Maxx before I went to England. I tried to make a practical yet fashionable choice, and I'm glad to report that it lived up to expectations. It can be worn multiple ways since it is one of those bags where the top half can fold over. The lighting is horrible I know. Sorry for that! Since this was the only bag I had with me for most of my time across the ocean, it has been through practically everything. It's still holding up quite nicely though even if it is looking a little more battered than when I purchased it. This is the first time I've used it since I got back...which is why there is still so much useless junk in it! 

Starting from the top left is my wallet. Yes, I'm aware that it is fake, but that didn't bother me, and there is no way that I'll be able to afford a real one anytime soon. I really like it because it has loads of  slots that can hold my multitude of cards. Things like my license, ID from the English university I attended, my study abroad ID, credit and debit cards, insurance cards, phone card from when I was abroad (that I never used...sorry mom), discount card, oyster card, Barnes & Noble gift card etc. Notice that half of these are from when I was abroad and I most likely won't be using them any time soon. There is also a  money pocket which holds a measly $20.00 haha! 

Next to my wallet is my coin purse that is full of mostly quarters for doing my laundry. I think it was actually supposed to be for children, but it serves it's purposes rather nicely. 

Above the coin purse is a bottle of ibuprofen for those pesky headaches. How thrilling! ;)

The rest is pretty much useless clutter including a sainsbury's receipt, baggage claim ticket, flight itinerary and boarding pass, Target receipt, taxi receipt, and a cash machine receipt.  Then we have a set of airplane headphones that haven't even been opened, two unopened, and two opened packs of gum, more headphones, a pen, and 33 pence (Practically rich!). I didn't photograph my camera, iPod, keys/school ID, or phone, but these things do end up in my purse on occasion. 

Also in my purse is this cosmetic bag. I don't always carry this around with me since I usually tend to use smaller purses.  This bag holds a travel sized perfume (Couture Couture by Juicy Couture), Hand sanitizer (Sweet Pea), an EOS lip balm (Lemon Drop), tissues, lotion, travel size toothbrush and toothpaste, compact mirror, and neosporin. Also at the bottom of the bag are some bobby pins, hair ties, Q-tips, and a band-aid. I did not think these were worthy enough of photographing! 

I know this was maybe a bit too detailed, but I'm quite nosey and like details, and it would have been better in video format, but I'm a blogger not a vlogger. 

I wish all of you a splendid weekend! 

Keep Smiling, 



Have a fun shopping trip! I hope you get lots of nice things :) I love the sweet pea sent from bath & body works, it's so nice! :)

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